Expert & Experienced Family Law Attorney in Colorado

Who needs a Family Law Attorney?

If you are dealing with a divorce, child support, or paternity issue, you will need to consult with a family law attorney. Family law issues are complicated and emotional, and Attorney Jack LeProwse has decades of experience working with issues of family law. He has worked in the Westminster area and successfully helped with many such cases and he is ready to help with his knowledge and skills. He also has the necessary experience dealing with intense issues and can keep the focus on the issues instead of the feelings between people.

For instance, the area of child custody, or “parental responsibilities”, is broken down into many subareas, such as visitation, major health and education decisions, and parenting time, including time with grandparents. The Colorado Courts have precise, detailed rules as to how all these issues are dealt with and which issues will be the strongest in making decisions. If you want an exception to the rules, you have to have a specific, articulate reason. A Westminster Family Law Attorney with experience can help you to evaluate these issues with the best interests of your children in mind, which is the standard in Colorado.

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When Will I Need a Social Security Attorney?

If you have been denied on a valid social security claim, a Social Security Attorney in the Westminster area will be able to look at your case and assess the reasons for the original failure. Unfortunately, it is quite common for Social Security claims to be denied in the beginning, whether or not there was an attorney, but that is why it is so important to have someone who can help with the appeal.

There are limits on how much an attorney can charge on these cases because the most important part of these claims is to help the person who is in need of Social Security Benefits. Attorney Jack LeProwse has your best interests in mind as his client and will work diligently for you.

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